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Tenant Information

Ray White Inner West Rentals knows the value of having excellent tenants, so we try to make dealing with our company as simple and easy as it can be, so the good tenants stay renting from us!

The Tenancy Agreement

A Residential Tenancy Agreement allows a tenant to take ‘possession’ of a property for a limited period of time on certain conditions, including the payment of rent. The Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract whereby both parties agree to abide by the conditions set out in the agreement.

When you sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement you will receive a copy so that you have a record of each party’s rights and responsibilities.


It is your responsibility to have all the services at the property connected and placed in your name.
Contact numbers the main utility companies are:
Energy Australia (Electricity) T: 131 535
AGL (Gas) T: 131 245
Telstra (Telephone) T: 132 200

Entry Costs

When approved for a rental property, you will be required to pay an entry cost of Bond (4 weeks rent for unfurnished or furnished property)

Rent in advance 2 weeks.

Your Rental Bond will be lodged with the NSW Office of Fair Trading and is held as security against any unpaid rent or damage to the property. Upon lodgement you will receive written confirmation from the Department of Fair Trading providing you with a Rental Bond Registration Number.

Your Rental Bond will be refunded to you soon after you vacate the property, provided all rent has been paid and no monies owing for cleaning or repairs.

Condition of Premises

One copy of the Property Condition Report is provided to you upon the commencement of the tenancy. This report is very important as it outlines the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy.

When you have vacated the property the condition at that time is compared to the condition at commencement and any variation (fair wear and tear excepted) will be your responsibility to reinstate.

Please review the Property Condition Report thoroughly making any additional comments you feel are necessary to accurately establish the condition of the property. It is in your best interests to ensure that it is a comprehensive and accurate description of the property’s current condition.

When you have completed the Report, please sign and return it within the first 7 days of your tenancy, retaining the blue copy for your records.

If a signed copy is not returned to this agency and a dispute arises at the end of your tenancy, the condition of the property will most likely be assessed as that indicated on the Report completed by this office.

Inspections During Your Tenancy

Helpful Hints for Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are conducted on a regular basis with a maximum of 4 per year. You will receive an entry
notice giving you a minimum 7 days notice before entry.
Note: At routine inspections it is expected that dogs will be restrained in order for the property manager to
inspect the yard.

All inspections carried out are completed through our Inspection Manager application. This allows us to make
any notes on-site and to take photographs including any items of concern to forward to the owner during the

Regular general cleaning will help keep your rental property in good order. Your Property Manager has
compiled a list of the following areas that will be checked at all inspections. These are not just basic cleaning
issues, but items that left unattended could cause long term damage to the property.

  • Build up of mould/soap scum in showers/baths on walls and bases, on sealant between laminate and tiles of
    vanities, around bases of taps and in tracks of sliding shower screens.
  • Build up of mould/soap scum around kitchen sink taps, on sealant between laminate and tiles (particularly
    behind sink area)
  • Build up of burnt on material on and around hot plates and in drip trays and to a lesser degree ovens-
    especially the roof and grills.
  • Accumulation of dirt in sliding window/door/robe tracks.
  • Cleaning products being stored on kitchen/laundry/bathroom window sills, causing paint to peel.
  • Dirty areas in carpets eg. traffic area from kitchen/dining-lounge, outside bathrooms, around lounge chairs
    (provide some form of protection).
  • Flat batteries not being replaced in smoke alarms, removing or interfering with smoke alarms (this is illegal
    and is a tenant’s responsibility throughout tenancy).
  • Oil spills on garage floor and driveways.
  • Build up of mould/slippery areas on paths/patio/driveways.
  • Weeds and grass growing in flower beds/courtyard areas.
  • Accumulated piles of garden trimmings heaped around the yard/courtyard.
  • Grass clippings being tipped on garden beds.

If you have any questions regarding our regular inspections please contact your Property Manager on
02 9565 5833.

Lock & Keys

Our office retains a duplicate key to most of our properties for emergency access.

Unfortunately, locks can only be changed, added to or altered after you have obtained permission from your Property Manager, and you would then need to supply us with any new keys.

Payment of Rent

Paying your rent is just like paying any other type of bill. Many people do not realise that your rental history
will support your credit rating. Therefore it’s important you are aware of the payment options and what is

We provide you with four options for the payment of rent. These include personal cheque, bank cheque,
money order or through the Advantage Card system (BPay, direct debit, manual payments), it’s your choice
as to which option you prefer. We are strictly a cashless office and we therefore do not accept cash.
Under the Residential Tenancies Act you are required to pay rent on time and in advance, as per the terms of
your lease. Should you have any difficulties paying your rent, please notify us as soon as possible.
If you have requested maintenance, you should not take matters into your own hands and stop paying rent as
a way to get work done. If you do this, you are breaching the terms of your lease and you could be issued with
a Notice of Termination for Non Payment of Rent.
Ray White Inner West have a Zero Tolerance for rent arrears. This is a strict policy on the payment and
collection of rent. Should your rent fall behind for any reason, you will receive a number and variety of
reminders which you should not ignore.
ALL reminder notices and frequencies are listed below and are noted on your tenant history/ ledger.

Category Time Elapsed Reminder Notice

Category 1 arrears 1 to 3 days in arrears Text message, email, phone call
Category 2 arrears 4 to 7 days in arrears Phone call and letter
Category 3 arrears 8 to 14 days in arrears Formal letter and commencement of eviction
Category 4 arrears 15 days in arrears Notice to vacate rented premises

Repairs & Emergency Repairs

All requests for repairs and maintenance are to be provided to your Property Manager in writing.
In the event of an urgent repair required outside office hours, and your Property Manager is uncontactable, arrangement for repairs can be made directly with the trades people listed on the front page of your Residential Tenancy Agreement. For a description of “urgent repairs” please refer to your tenancy agreement.


Giving notice to vacate a property must be provided in writing to your Property Manager (via email or a signed letter). It is also recommended that you follow up to confirm receipt of your notice. Shortly after receiving your notice you will receive a letter in the mail confirming the vacating procedure and amount owing in rent to your vacate date.

Notice periods are as follows;
If you intend to vacate at the end of your Tenancy Agreement you are required to give 14 days written notice to us, prior to the expiry of your agreement. Once the fixed term of your Tenancy Agreement has expired you must give us at least 21 days written notice in advance.

Breaking the Tenancy Agreement Early
If any unforeseen circumstances arise and you have to vacate the property prior to the expiration of your Tenancy Agreement, please contact your Property Manager immediately for details on the procedure and fees associated.


Unless a pet is specifically approved on your lease, pets will not be allowed at the property without prior approval.  Pet Application and Agreement


Unfortunately, the owner’s insurance cover on the property does not extend to cover your belongings. On this basis, we strongly suggest that you take out comprehensive contents insurance to cover your belongings against fire, theft and other perils

In the event that you, another occupier, or visitor accidentally damages the property and rectification work is required, you may be required to pay any excess that may apply to the owner’s insurance cover.